Bow Beautiful
Beauty Salon

Skin Treatments!

Dermabrasion 25 minutes

Exfoliates the skins surface removing old skin cells and debris, unblocking pores and leaving a smooth cleansed surface.

we recommend this as an on going monthly treatment. can also be used to reduce old scarring



Non Surgical Facelift 30 Minutes

Tones the facial muscles and removes fine lines, decreases depth of deep wrinkles, using micro-current

clients see a difference after just one session. how many sessions you need really depend on the amount of damage and how receptive the skin is


Light Therapy 20 minutes

Can reduce pigmentation, boost collagen levels, reduce scaring, reduce stretch marks, helps overcome acne



45 Minutes mixed taster session £30


10 Tailored sessions to suit you £200

using a mixture of the above depending on your needs.