Bow Beautiful Beauty Salon

Beauty at its best

Dermabrasion Facials

Dermabrasion  25 mins £30

removes debris from deep within the pores, leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed

Non Surgical Face lift 30 Mins £30

Helps to reduce some fine lines instantly but for best results a course of treatments is recommended

Dermabrasion and non surgical face lift 1 hour £50

Light Therapy  20 Mins session £15

A course of treatments is recommened

Blue: Great for reducing acne

Red: Reduces fine lines, some scaring and pigmentation

yellow: Reduces swelling and puffy skin

Green: Reduces red tones in the skin

Violet: Reduces yellow skin tones

Course of 10 light therapy sessions £100

Before your appointment you will be sent an email asking question relating to your chosen treatments. If you have anything that may be effected by the treatment your treatment will be adapted to suit this and best suit you.


Including but not limited to:

pregnancy, cancer, infections, epilepsy, heart disease, pace makers, breast implants newer than 6 months old, heart murmurs, open lesions, rashes or burns, surgical scars less than 12 months old