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EyE EyE Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions

£30 Full set

£20 infill 2-3 weekly



Russian Volume lash extensions 

£45 Full set

infils £25,  3 weekly

The difference

Classic lashes: Are one lash extension to one of your lashes. It doesn't sound like much but with an extension on every lash it gives you a permanent mascara look with a gorgeous curl so you wake up every morning looking fresh. You don't need to wear any make up with these as they look so beautiful and natural. My clients love their lashes and wouldn't be seen without them. Infils are 2 to 3 weekly if you go longer and lose over 50% you will be charged Extra.

Russian Volume lashes: Russian volume lashes are multiple lashes made into a fan. My fans are handmade by me and applied directly to your lash. They a fluffy, soft and lightweight. Infils on these are 3 weekly as above you will lose roughly 6 fans per day but as the fans cover each other you get 3 weeks between infil,  If you leave it longer and  lose over 50% you wil be charged Extra

If your not sure which lashes you need I'm happy to discuss and give sound advice at your appointment 


Lash shed

The average person loses 6 natural lashes everyday and obviously mine are attached to yours which is why you need infils, without infils the last lash extension will fall off within 6 weeks. If the aftercare is not followed you will lose more lashes so please take care of the lashes.

Do They damage your natural lashes?

NO they don't! Infact you will find your natural lashes thicker and fuller than ever before you will notice this at your 1st 2 infils if you care for your lash extensions properly.

what damages your lashes is incorrect application by the technician or the client picking, pulling and playing with their lashes.

Some of my Clients have been coming to me for years and if anything they have more lashes then when they first came to me. There is 3 reasons for this. They are looking after their lash extensions and by doing this they are no longer picking that last bit of mascara off or constantly rubbing their eyes.

The other reason was some of them used to go to lash techs that were applying lashes incorrectly and sometimes using the wrong weight


No Rubbing,picking, pulling, playing with them

Don't rub your eyes

Don't hold your lashes whilst putting your contacts in

Don't get them wet for 24/48 hours

Keep away from heat for the first 24 to 48 hours

Don't use any oily products near them, suntan lotion, face creams. Anything oily will affect the bond between your lash and mine. Make sure to wash your hands after use

Do get some oil free make up remover and use cotton wool to clean your face but get Q tips to clean around your eye line, Using Q tips will allow you to get close without loss off lash extensions.

Swimming wont affect your lashes, pat dry after don't rub them with your towel. Notice I didn't say dive bombing you do that at risk to your lashes

Do not wear mascara on the lash extensions, It will affect the bond and you cant get all the mascara off which means that is still their when I come to do infils its messy and infil will take longer and I will charge you for my time. Feel free to use it on your bottom lashes though

I have done hundreds if not thousands of sets of lashes over the many years I have been doing them. when you come for infil I will be able to tell you what you are doing wrong just by looking at them, This will help you know what habits to look our for in future and keep your sets fuller.