Bow Beautiful Beauty Salon

Beauty at its best


Hollywood ( The all off) £32

Brazilian ( landing strip) £25

Bikini line £12

Butt Crack and cheeks £12 or £ 7 with any of the above

Full Leg £15

Half Leg £12

Armpits £7

Forearms £9

Lip or chin £4

Brows £5

No hair removal should of been done in the last 4 weeks, if the hair hasn't been left 4 weeks if may not be long enough and your treatment may be cancelled at cost to you. I use hot or warm wax depending on the area as some areas are more sensitive than others.

You will find that after the first 2 to 3 appointments the smooth feeling lasts longer between appointments do not shave or use any other hair removal between appointments as your hair will begin t grow at different rates again

Please don't bring anyone to your appointment unless you are under 16 and require a parental guardian as they will not be allowed to enter.

Exfoliate and moisturise between appointments this will stop ingrown hairs if done properly.

Fresh couch roll and no double dipping spatulas