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Microblading FAQ

And my own personal experience

So you've been thinking about it a while and wondering if you should go ahead?

I know its a bit daunting, isn't it? 

I like to be able to tell clients the truth about treatments and the outcomes of them, so I went and got my eyebrows microbladed...

I'm not going to lie I nearly bottled it the night before but i'm glad I didn't. My problem was that I am, 41 fair haired and my natural brows are getting lighter as I get older. I don't have time to balance them, pencil and powder everyday. 

My clients told me they would compare the pain to plucking or threading , and yes I would compare it to that too. When I had mine done I didn't have numbing cream on for the first set of strokes so I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't more painful then feeling like my brows were being plucked.  I've always applied numbing cream from the beginning as I don't mind waiting an extra 20 minutes before I start working on your brows. Everyone has got a different pain threshold so I now let my clients choose whether they want it on at the beginning as I understand the clients time is precious too!

Anyway, back to my experience; having had fair and disappearing brows I was quite shocked after the treatment at how dark they were, but this settles down after 2 weeks and you are left with a much more subtle, natural looking colour and as the skin heals you can see the hair strokes that have been microbladed.

After a few days of having them done they itch a little, its hard not to scratch but I don't want to knock the fine scabs as the pigment will lift, and I'll be left with gaps. So I'm resisting!

I've kept them totally dry (2 weeks) and applied a small amount Vitamin A & D ointment every night for the 1st week to help them heal beautifully.

YAY! I've got eyebrows!


Appears 30-50% darker for the first 2 weeks or less, after this they will settle and look more natural.

You may need a 6 week top up, this is free provided it is within 8 weeks of your 1st treatment and top ups after this will be £75.

You may require a top up between 12 to 24 months, this is dependent on your skin.

Please come to your consultation with your brows how you would normally wear them or with an idea of the colour and shape you are looking for. We will then take in to account your natural brow shape and measurements of your facial features and come up with a brow that works for you.

I advise clients not to get them done too near to a special occasion, give them time to settle, around 2 weeks should do it!

If you've had microblading before or had them tattooed please pop in and see us before booking as you may need correction work or removal.


Do not get them wet for the 1st two weeks

Apply Vitamin A&D every night for the 1st week (tiny amount)

Don't expose them to sunbeds or go on a sunny holiday for at least 2 weeks after.

Do not touch them! I know its hard as they will be itchy for a couple of days!

Don't put make up on them

Keep them clean