Bow Beautiful

Beauty Salon

Microblading & Brow Tattoo Removal

(or any small tattoo)

£150 1st session and sessions needed after this will be reduced £95

Immediate difference after 1st session

Safer than laser 

no scaring 

area must have 1 week rest between sessions .

Why Alkaline?

Laser will break particles into small pieces and then stop being effective as it has got them as small as it can & it doesn't work on all colours, So even if you have had laser and it has done everything it can for you then Alkaline could be your answer.

How it works

It is done with tattoo machine and needle over the tattoo with the removal solution.

With Alkaline removal pigment is lifted up to the surface after a few days a scab will appear, this will shed and the tattoo will be lighter in colour, the amount of sessions needed is dependant on how dark the pigment in the tattoo is.

The average person needs 1 to 3 sessions.

If your Brows are to be microbladed or to have  ombre powder brow then just a lightened effect will normally be enough to proceed with the treatment