Bow Beautiful
Beauty Salon

Gel polish fingers or toes £15 ( we don't charge for removal of gel polish if you are having new polish on

Both for £25


£5 for removal of a gel polish


Nail miracle Strength ( can be used on its own or with a gel polish. stops flakey peeling nails) £4


Paraffin Wax manicure or pedicure with Gel polish £20

or both £35

Luxury manicure with paraffin wax (no polish) £15

Luxury pedicure with paraffin wax (no polish £20




Nail Extension

natural look (no polish) £20

extensions with gel polish £25

Sculptured natural set £35

Sculptured set with polish (pink and white or colour) £40

Single nail fix £3 (no excuses)

Removal of acrylics £10