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No-Needle Lip Filler (Enhancement)


Lip filler via the no needle method is for a more natural voluptuous look, the filler is layered meaning you will have 0.5ml at your 1st appointment and another 0.5ml two weeks later which creates gorgeous subtle changes.

The filler is administered using a hyaluronic pen (like the one that has been used to insert insulin for decades).

It can be used to treat lips, smile lines (Nasolabial),  & Marionette Lines.

Depending on how deep the lines are or how much of a pout you want, you may need more filler. 

After your 1st appointment, you can buy these in 0.5ml increments as and when needed (prices at the bottom of the page).

The filler can last up to 6 months, but this really depends on your lifestyle (please read below).

Remember filler loves water so the more hydrated you are, the better the filler will work - keep your lips or skin moisturised depending on area to be treated.

With Caution:

If you suffer from acne and bad skin, in the case that the skin around the area is very dry or damaged you must consult your dermatologist first and produce a letter stating that you are suitable for this treatment.

If you've ever had oral Herpes, you will need to take medication within the 2 weeks prior to your treatment (regardless of its viral signs).

If you smoke, use sunbeds, worship the sun, drink alcohol on a regular basis,  have insomnia, or suffer from stress, then this may mean that the filler will not last as well as it should, the same as with any fillers. Hydration (via water!), and health is key!

Please read through the contraindications below, if any apply, unfortunately you wont be suitable for treatment:

You want duck-lips/have unrealistic expectations



Are under 18

Abnormalities of the skin in the area to be treated

HIV, Hepatitis C (or similar)

Keloid Scarring

AVOID  alcohol and pain killers for 48 hours before treatment & keep caffeine to a minimum as these will affect the outcome.


1ml - £100 (this covers your first 2 treatments) 

0.5ml (top up) -  £65 

(Cannot be booked unless you have had previous filler with us. It's best added at around 3 to 6 months to keep lips or lines as they are, or 2 weeks after the first 2 sessions if you want more definition & pout).

How long filler lasts depends on your biology & how hydrated you are therefore no refunds are given.