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Who are we?

We offer Natural Enhancement beauty

What do you mean by natural?

With every treatment your facial structure is taken into account so you still look like you only a better version., b

None of our treatments are a one size fits all, each and every one of you have different needs, different facial structure  and different desires.

Please take a look through the gallery and see for yourself


My vision is for Bow Beautiful’s clients feeling beautiful, empowered and confident.


Whilst youre having your treatment done with me you can take advantage of my knowledge ,I am constantly researching the beauty industry  so even if I don’t offer a treatment I may be able to offer advice on how it works and wether it would be suitable for you or if it might be a waste of your time and  money, you can then go to your appointment with them feeling fully confidently knowing both the pros and cons of the treatment you require


if you are having lashes your lash length, how many natural lashes you have, the health of them is all important to keep your natural lashes healthy as too much weight will having you losing natural lashes also if too many lashes are applied it can make you look constantly tired   and like an alien is resting on your face.

It may make you feel like lashes are not for you but they are they are suitable for anyone as long as they are applied in the way they were intended.

Too much length will drag the corners of your eyes down and make you look years older. You will hear other lash technicians saying you need a rest from lashes, if this is the case one or two reasons: either over applying or you are not following your aftercare. Lashes applied correctly will make you look instantly awake, Bring out the colour of your eyes and makes them appear brighter sometimes taking years off.


Brow Tattoo and microblading

As we get older our natural pigments get weaker so when we add colour it can take years off, with our brow artistry we take lots of different measurement from around your face and use your bone structure as well as your natural brows to get the ideal shape for your face, They will then be drawn on in pencil, you will then be shown the shape and love it, if not we will alter and ask again? at your consultation as well as going through all the paperwork you will be asked about how you wear your brows normally, make-up or are you more natural? Do you have a photo?


No Needle lip filler, jowls, smile lines

Your features are taken into account as well as your desires, what is possible and your lifestyle.

No needle filler has a more natural effect then needle and 1ml is administer over 2 session so it gently layers and disperses under the skin and because of this gradual build your fillers wont be making you feel self-conscious.

If you’re having no needle to the lips and decide on during your 2nd appointment you decide you don’t need anymore in your lips it can be administered to the jowls or smile lines.



The packages are tailored to you we all have different needs, different skin so the dermabrasion, non surgical facelift and light therapy packages are tailored to you and which area of the face you want to work on and the needs of the skin in that particular area, the next week it could be a different area as we have resolved the initial problem!

It might be that you have scars, blemishes, yellow, blue or red undertones,

Ageing lines or sagging skin.

Its all about you and what you want to improve