Spray Tans

Our spray tan solution works with your own skin tone – non-orange, fade isn’t patchy, and your golden glow lasts for around 7 days!

Our clients love our tan!

No need to leave it on overnight! no sleeping in a sticky mess

Just 1 hour for a light tan,

2-3 hours for medium – dark,

4 hours max its as dark as it can go yet still looks gorgeous and natural (most clients leave it on for the 4) all for £15.00

Wash this off in as little as an hour!

To get the best tan

Don’t wear make-up, perfumes, Deodorant or any creams to your appointment.

make sure you exfoliate the evening before: elbows, knees, heels ankles or any other dry areas. 

(as the tan will grab in any dry areas)

If you wash your hair the evening before be sure to get all the conditioner off of your shoulders and back as it can leave a film on the skin that the tan cannot penetrate.

Bring loose clothing to wear after your treatment.

Remove all jewellery

wear dark underwear to your appointment.

Do not sit on anything leather or nylon after your treatment as they may stain.